Tuesday 26 July 2022

Advances on Natural Abietane, Labdane and Clerodane Diterpenes as Anti-Cancer Agents: Sources and Mechanisms of Action

Molecules 2022, 27(15), 4791

Extensive research over the past decades has identified numerous phytochemicals that could represent an important source of anti-cancer compounds. There is an immediate need for less toxic and more effective preventive and therapeutic strategies for the treatment of cancer. Natural compounds are considered suitable candidates for the development of new anti-cancer drugs due to their pleiotropic actions on target events with multiple manners. This comprehensive review highlighted the most relevant findings achieved in the screening of phytochemicals for anticancer drug development, particularly focused on a promising class of phytochemicals such as diterpenes with abietane, clerodane, and labdane skeleton. The chemical structure of these compounds, their main natural sources, and mechanisms of action were critically discussed.