Monday 15 February 2016

Oxidation of edible animal fats. Comparison of the performance of different quantification methods and of a proposed new semi-objective colour scale-based method

Food Chemistry, 217 (2017) 743–749

The agreement among the results determined for the main parameters used in the evaluation of the fat auto-oxidation was investigated in animal fats (butter fat, subcutaneous pig back-fat and subcutaneous ham fat). Also, graduated colour scales representing the colour change during storage/ripening were developed for the three types of fat, and the values read in these scales were correlated with the values observed for the different parameters indicating fat oxidation.

In general good correlation among the values of the different parameters was observed (e.g. TBA value correlated with the peroxide value: r = 0.466 for butter and r = 0.898 for back-fat). A reasonable correlation was observed between the values read in the developed colour scales and the values for the other parameters determined (e.g. values of r = 0.320 and r = 0.793 with peroxide value for butter and back-fat, respectively, and of r = 0.767 and r = 0.498 with TBA value for back-fat and ham fat, respectively).