Tuesday 1 February 2022

Agar/TiO2/radish anthocyanin/neem essential oil bionanocomposite bilayer films with improved bioactive capability and electrochemical writing property for banana preservation

 Food Hydrocolloids 123, 107187, 2022

Active agar (AG) bilayer films with bioactive capability and electrochemical writing property were developed for improving the postharvest quality of the banana. The antioxidant and antimicrobial capacity of the films were enhanced with the incorporation of red radish extract (RRE) and neem essential oil (NEO) into AG lower layer. The barrier and mechanical properties, retention of total anthocyanin and NEO content in the bilayer films were effectively improved with addition of TiO2 into the AG upper layer. Multicolor patterns were successfully written on the bilayer film containing RRE. The AG-TiO2+AG-RRE-NEO bilayer film exhibited the optimal preservations on banana fruits during the storage period, based on the characterization by fruits appearance, senescent spotting symptom, microbial analysis, weight loss and firmness. Thus, the AG-TiO2+AG-RRE-NEO bilayer film was expected to be a multifunction packaging material for banana preservation.