Sunday 1 May 2022

The reciprocal interaction between polyphenols and other dietary compounds: Impact on bioavailability, antioxidant capacity and other physico-chemical and nutritional parameters

 Food Chem. 375, 131904, (2022)

Polyphenols are plant secondary metabolites, whose biological activity has been widely demonstrated. However, the research in this field is a bit reductive, as very frequently the effect of individual compound is investigated in different experimental models, neglecting more complex, but common, relationships that are established in the diet. This review summarizes the data that highlighted the interaction between polyphenols and other food components, especially macro- (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and fibers) and micronutrients (minerals, vitamins and organic pigments), paying particular attention on their bioavailability, antioxidant capacity and chemical, physical, organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. The topic of food interaction has yet to be extensively studied because a greater knowledge of the food chemistry behind these interactions and the variables that modify their effects, could offer innovations and improvements in various fields ranging from organoleptic, nutritional to health and economic field.