Wednesday 8 March 2023

Effects of blackberry polysaccharide on the quality improvement of boiled chicken breast

 Food Chemistry: X (2023) 18, 100623

Blackberry polysaccharide was isolated from blackberry powder with 70% ethanol. The crude polysaccharide was composed of 95.44% glucose, 2.01% arabinose, 1.81% galactose and 0.74% glucuronic acid. Chicken breast meat was only marinated with different concentrations of the isolated blackberry polysaccharide (1 g/kg, 3 g/kg) for 24 h at a ratio of material to liquid of 1:3, and boiled at 80℃ for 1 h. The differences in texture, water distribution and volatile flavor components among different groups (adding 0,1,3 g/kg blackberry polysaccharide) were investigated. The results showed that the addition of blackberry polysaccharide could significantly improve the hardness of chicken breast, the transformation of free water to bound water, the overall flavor characteristics of the control group and the addition of different concentrations of blackberry polysaccharide were significantly different, and the concentration of volatile flavor substances in boiled chicken breast was reduced.