Thursday 2 March 2023

Ice cream supplemented with roasted and grilled corn powders: Physical properties, rheology, antioxidant activity, color, sensory evaluation, and production cost

 Int. J. Gastron. Food Sci. 32, 100696 (2023)


The present study aimed to evaluate the effects of replacing milk fat with roasted and grilled corn powders on ice cream characteristics. The results revealed that the use of roasted and grilled corn powders (2, 4, and 6%) resulted in significant changes in the physical and rheological properties of ice cream mixtures. The different levels of corn powders caused an increase in the total phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity, while a diverse manner was observed with the progress in storage period. Furthermore, the melting resistance of ice cream treatments significantly increased coinciding with the increase in roasted or grilled corn powders addition levels. In addition, roasted corn powder based-ice cream treatments recorded higher sensory evaluation scores compared to other treatments. The production cost and profit of the produced ice cream were also evaluated, and treatments supplemented with corn powders exhibited lower production cost as compared to the control sample.