Friday 17 March 2023

Oxidation of Aldehydes Used as Food Additives by Peroxynitrite

 Antioxidants 2023, 12(3), 743

Benzaldehyde and its derivatives are used as food supplements. These substances can be used mainly as flavorings or as antioxidants. Besides, peroxynitrite, an oxidizing agent, could be formed in canned food. Both species could react between them. The present article has focused on the kinetic study of the oxidation of aldehydes by peroxynitrite. A reaction mechanism that justifies all the experimental results is proposed. This mechanism, in acidic media, passes through three competitive pathways: (a) a radical attack that produces benzoic acid. (b) peracid oxidation, and (c) a nucleophilic attack of peroxynitrous acid over aldehyde to form an intermediate, X, that produces benzoic acid, or, through a Cannizzaro-type reaction, benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol. All rate constants involved in the third pathway (c) have been calculated. These results have never been described in the literature in acid media. A pH effect was analyzed.